Contract bonding in the highest industrial quality

Trust as adhesive solutions yours Contract bonding and benefit from adhesive solutions of the highest industrial quality. As a specialist in the area of the adhesives industry, we are a competent partner when it comes to serial bonding, sample bonding, prototype bonding and advice on adhesives.

Our service covers all the necessary services – you can concentrate fully on your core competencies and your day-to-day business. All we need from you are the necessary components and drafts of how they are to be glued. We implement your instructions in the shortest possible time to your complete satisfaction and glue the components in the highest quality. We would be happy to advise you in advance which adhesives best meet your requirements.

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Professional contract bonding – your advantages

We have a number of different options for your adhesive projects Adhesive variants to disposal. These can usually be individually adapted to your needs. Use our adhesive advice to plan the right adhesive right from the start. Here you can see an overview of the most important industrial adhesives – further information can be found in our adhesive wiki.

  • Anaerobic adhesives: These substances are specially designed for bonding metal and only cure in the absence of air.
  • Cyanoacrylates (instant adhesives): Also known as “superglues”, cyanoacrylates cure within a few seconds. They are mainly used to glue rubber and plastics.
  • UV adhesives: These acrylate-based adhesives cure under UV radiation. They are suitable for bonding most materials.
  • Epoxy adhesives: Epoxy adhesives contain synthetic resin and must be precisely blended to cure properly. We use both cold and warm curing systems.
  • MS polymers: As they do not contain any solvents, these adhesives are practically odorless. Since the rubber-like, tough MS polymer surfaces do not dissolve, they can also be removed very easily without leaving any residue.

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