Your strong partner for robotics and application technology in the adhesives industry

Use the modern solutions of Robotics and application technology for projects in the adhesive industry. The constantly increasing degree of automation of industrial processes requires the constant adaptation of production methods in order to remain competitive. Workplaces need to be made more efficient – a task that you do as adhesive solutions is happy to assist.

The jobs can be optimized in small steps. Simple manual workstations can be partially automated. Of course, we can also install tailor-made robot technology for you.

In all matters of Increased efficiency through robotics you will find solutions especially for the adhesives industry in our house. Our employees and partners have extensive experience in the Automation of gluing processes . We are at your disposal as part of professional adhesive advice and process optimization from the first concept to the final series production.

Overview of robotics and application technology services

In the Application technology it is about the precise application of adhesives in a precisely defined thickness and extent. The size, shape and quality of components and materials must also be taken into account. In addition to the robot technology itself, it is crucial that the systems are properly programmed.

The robotics experts from as adhesive solutions advise you which systems are best suited for your projects and carry out installation and programming professionally. The range of robots for the adhesives industry ranges from models for large-area bonding to robots for small and very small assemblies – for example in the electronics industry. Basically, all automated processes can be implemented exactly according to your individual specifications. The industrial robots we use are also extremely low-maintenance and inexpensive to operate.

Call us today or send us an email to get a first Consultation appointment for the automation of your adhesive processes. Among other things, it can be clarified whether you really need full automation or whether smaller measures such as individually adjusted dosing systems already meet the optimization goals. We look forward to increasing the efficiency of your production.

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