Process optimization – glue efficiently and save costs

The professional Process optimization for the adhesives industry increases efficiency and lowers costs in all modern manufacturing processes that use industrial adhesives. Without careful planning and prior advice on adhesives, too large quantities of adhesive are often used or unsuitable adhesives are used, which can result in entire production runs being repeated. Thanks to the competent process optimization by your adhesive partner as adhesive solutions In addition to noticeable cost savings, you can also gain time.

For example, the correct application of adhesives checked – these must be applied evenly in the correct amount. Insufficient, uneven amounts can impair the adhesive strength. The adhesive strength can also suffer if applied too heavily – more adhesive is not always better. In addition, if there is an excessive use of adhesive, residues arise which, in addition to wasting material, also pollute the environment. In addition to the pure crowd, the Composition of the adhesive an important role. Here you can often find different Combine products intelligently in order to find the best solution for individual customer requirements. We pay attention to the highest possible quality and environmental compatibility of all chemical products.


Process optimization for the adhesives industry demonstrably leads to:

  • efficient use of materials
  • optimal application of adhesive
  • higher product quality
  • individually adapted adhesive mixtures
  • Time saving in production
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly production

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This is how we proceed with process optimization for adhesives

The process optimization is a detailed one Adhesive advice ahead in order to find optimal mixtures and application methods for adhesives. We start with the analysis of your possibilities and carry out an inventory of your production facilities. So that we can get an idea of your individual requirements on site, we will inspect the factory together with you. It is noted which adhesives are already in use. The products are checked and noted according to their quality and composition.

With the help of the collected data, a detailed Consumption analysis of the adhesives used. At the same time, we make possible sources of error in the application, selection or mixing of adhesives visible. We work out a detailed Cost-benefit analysis and give recommendations that enable you to use materials more effectively and make noticeable cost savings.

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