Hyundai Robotics HH4

The HH4L is the entry-level model of the Hyundai 6-axis industrial robot.

With a dead weight of 43kg and a long range of 1,131mm, it offers a payload of 4kg.

With a repeatability of + 0.03mm, mounted on the floor, wall or upside down on the ceiling, it can be used in many ways for handling, sealing or light assembly tasks.

It is programmed offline in Hyundai’s own programming environment HRSpace3, or alternatively with the Hyundai Teach pendant directly on the robot.

This allows the user to make program adjustments quickly and easily.

Many possibilities with one attractive price-performance ratio .




Type: HH4L
Range: 1,131 mm
Degrees of freedom: 6 axes
Programming: manually via teach pendant (TP520) or offline (HRSpace3)
Control: Hi5a-T10, Hi5a-S20
Repeatability: + 0.03 mm
IP classification: IP65
Security: EN ISO 10218-1: 2006 and EN ISO 13849-1: 2008, and other certified safety functions
Fieldbus interface: PROFINET IO controller / IO device, EtherNet / IP scanner / adapter, DeviceNet master / slave, PROFIBUS-DP master / slave
Installation: Floor / wall / ceiling
Weight: 43kg
Drawings / Download: PDF, DWG, STEP
Applications: Handling, sealing, assembly



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